Beware other Burners with non-UK plug and 5amp leads. 
Our burner comes with a UK standard 10amp lead which conforms to 
UK Electrical standards for products such as these!
A charcoal burner actually designed for the rigorous abuse of hookah coal! 
Burns from 3 sides makes it quick and efficient when lighting cubed charcoal. 
Whether your shisha charcoal lighting needs are efficiency, speed, portability or durability ,this burner certainly delivers! 
It was developed for the functional needs of daily hookah charcoal ignition and prove to be the essential accessory to every hookah setup.

Package included:
1 x Charcoal Heater
1 x UK 10 amp Power cable

1. Voltage:220V
2. Material:Iron steel
3. Color: Black

4. Types:Rectangular Charcoal Burner

Shisha Charcoal Burner


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